About Us

As you know that the wall of a house plays an important role in the look of a house. So, it is advised to have good walls to make your house more attractive and beautiful. When your house has attractive walls, your house looks stunning and everyone will appreciate it. This is not done only for decorative purposes but also for the comfort of human kind.


Humans always look for a better way of life to survive and a house with nice walls will definitely provide them a great chance to live with more style. Nowadays, people in society take an idea about others by having a look at their house. If your house is a well-decorated interior and also decorated walls then it will help you in impressing others. When the word decorated walls come to your mind then the next question which comes to your mind that how you can make the walls of your house better.


The one and only answer to this question are that we can increase the beauty of our house by adding art to the walls of your houses. Wall art not only makes the look of the house beautiful but also make it a place where you want to live happily.


Feel free to check our design samples and ask questions about our interior wall art designs.


Wall art will make the following things in a house….

  • Nice and shiny walls
  • Walls with the latest new designs
  • Different ways of getting nice and stunning walls
  • Wall art provides the owner a house which he or she desires.

Obafemi Samuel, an artist, artificer, poet, and philosopher. His prolific display of talents got him published in various national dailies and magazines such as Punch news and success digest to mention a few. He’s the founder of KingsArtWorld. 

KingsArtWorld makes interior walls through a reliable sense of perception, and our aims and goals are to give suitable, artistic delivery that defies imitation. To make a visible act of uniqueness in every home and give a vivid reason why every household should have a mural in their homes.
It is important to know that art is life and the pleasure that the beauty of any artistic work gives to admirers is everlasting and unique. I guess only a few people know about this.

Mission Statement

It is our aim at Kings Art World to build a company that provides clients with 100% satisfaction, to offer a reliable service, with flexible & innovative programs coupled with individual and friendly service. Our vision is to protect, beautify, decorate, and preserve the structures using means and materials of the most progressive, innovative, and efficient type. We emphasize a high level of trust and mutual respect among clients, suppliers, and employees.


Kings Art World strives to be a respected employer of choice by creating an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for the team by providing opportunities for training, career advancement, and economic security in a progressive manner.


At Kings Art World, we have always tried to keep abreast with the latest skills, technologies, and innovations in our industry. We are proud to tell you that we use rope access techniques and that means you could save time, money, and inconvenience on your painting project. Let us combine quality with innovation on your painting project.