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Beautiful Playground Mural


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Beautiful places are the perfect place for murals and the playground is a fun place to put them.

Fruits theme mural.

Pictures of the fruits mural painted at the playground of Cardogon Estste. Lekki Jakande.

Jungle theme mural.

There is a garden estate you could walk in with the immensity to dream in…thats at Napier Gardens Playground. what more could you ask? A few shades of green grass at your feet and above you the birds, trees and blue sky. It’s not poetry am talking about, it Mural. At the end of the year 2016…I took on a project that is to make an activation of a space by making a mural that works with the language of colours and shapes, and could engage with the atmosphere. The theme of the painting is to give a really exciting and beautiful insight into nature, and with my team, I ventured into the world of form to accomplish the delivery of my imagination in less than two weeks. Shhhhh….dont loud it, in case you don’t know! Its a 3d visual perception mural. Location; The playground right in the heart of Napier Gardens Estate. Ikota second gate before VGC, Lekki Ajah. Lagos Nigeria.


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